Before choosing to have elective LASIK vision correction surgery, it is essential that you have a comprehensive eye exam and LASIK consultation.

The eye exam may be performed separately by your family eye doctor, and your LASIK surgeon will repeat measurements that are important for the surgical decision making. Or your LASIK surgeon can perform your entire LASIK exam and consultation. It’s also possible to get both the exam and consultation done on surgery day by your LASIK surgeon or an eye doctor employed by the surgeon or laser center.

During the comprehensive eye exam, your doctor will determine your eyeglass prescription and evaluation of the health of your eyes to make sure you are a good candidate for LASIK. Your pupils will be dilated during this exam — both to thoroughly examine the interior of your eyes and to relax the focusing mechanism of the eye to get the most accurate measurement of your refractive error.

If you have your LASIK consultation on the same day as your surgery, it’s important to realize your eyes will not be dilated on that day because the pupil dilation could affect the positioning of the laser beam over the center of your cornea. If your surgeon feels a dilated eye exam is necessary, it will be performed on a day other than your surgery day.